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he Generalate House of the Clarist Franciscan Missionaries Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament is located in Rome, in Via Vicenza 33, where the Superior General, her Council, the General Bursar and the General Secretary reside.


he General Council is made up of the Superior General and four Councillors whose task is to help her govern the entire Institute.
The Superior General, Mother Chiara Lorenzato, of Italian nationality, was elected on 13 May 2023 in the Celebration of the 17th General Chapter.
The Vicar General, Sr Flavia Luca assists the Superior General in the exercise of her office for the whole Institute, in collaboration with the other Councillors: Sr Joyce Thadathil Sr Cristina Del H Alonso Pedano and Sr Eliana Batista.


The history of our Institute

To be “one heart and one soul” is a patient path for every Clarist Franciscan Missionary of the Most Blessed Sacrament, which is realised in plurality and diversity because this is the consequence of the Incarnation of God in our concrete history. To be “one heart and one soul” is a gift from God but also a daily task to become “missionary Eucharistic communities”.
Every day, in fact, we are called to make ourselves more available to welcome and live the gift of fraternal communion. Every day we feel the challenge to come out of ourselves to welcome each other, to meet each other, to listen to each other, to cherish each other as sisters with “Eucharistic tenderness”.


  • 1 Maggio 1898: Founding of the Institute in the Abbey “S. Maria D’Urano” – Bertinoro (FC): Sister Maria Chiara Serafina Farolfi di Jesus together with her companions professed the Rule of St. Clare, beginning the Institute of the Clarists Franciscan Missionaries of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • 3rd February 1901: Foundation of the first mission in India
  • 30 May 1907: Foundation of the first mission in Brazil
  • 28 April 1904: Aggregation to the Order of Friars Minor
  • 9 May 1907: Decree of Pontifical Praise and Approval
  • 12 August 1915: Approvals of the General Constitutions
  • 23 April 1925: Foundation of the first mission in Bolivia
  • 1933: Final approval of the General Constitutions  
  • 20 January 1937: Foundation of the first mission in Argentina
  • 6 October 1965: Foundation of the mission in Spain
  • 1st May 1968: Beginning of the diocesan process for the Beatification of Mother Serafina
  • C1970 Special Chapter: Revision and reformulation of the General Constitutions
  • 1971: The Institute is divided into provinces
  • 5 May 1971: Erection of the province “St. Francis” India
  • 20 May 1971: : Erection of the Province “Immaculate Conception” Italy
  • 12 July 1971: Erection of the Province “Nossa Senhora de Nazaré” Brazil
  • 30 May 1974: Congregation for the Cause of Saints approves the writings of Mother Serafina
  • 8 July 1976: Erection of the Province “Jesus Sacramentado” Argentina – Bolivia
  • 1981 General Chapter: Revision of the Constitutions “ad Experimentum” from 1970
  • 20 March 1981: Foundation of the Mission of Guinea Bissau (Africa)
  • 24 June 1984: Final approval of the General Constitutions Generali.
  • 18 June 1992: Creation of the Delegation “Mother Serafina de Jesús” Brazil
  • 18 July 1992: Erection of the Delegation “Santa Clara” Bolivia
  • June 2, 1994: Erection of the Delegation “St. Clare” India
  • December 30, 1994: Erection of the Province “Santa Clara” Bolivia
  • November 2, 1994: Establishment of the Delegation “Mother Seraphina” India
  • 4 May 1995: Foundation of the Mission in Romania
  • 1996: The “Positito” is handed over to the Congregation of the Saints
  • 24 February 1998: : The “Positito” is unanimously approved by the historical consultors
  • 6 March 1999: Foundation of the International Mission “Virgen de Guadalupe” Peru
  • 13 February 2001: Erection of the Province “Mother Serafina of Jesus” Brazil
  • 1st May 2006: Erection of the Province “Mother Seraphina” India
  • 15 June 2007: Congress of Cardinal Theologians
  • 19 December 2009: Benedict XVI: Decree of Venerability, “Heroic Virtues” Faith, Hope, Charity
  • 13 August 2014: Foundation of the International Mission “S. Francisco de Asis” Venezuela
  • 7 October 2014: Foundation of the Interprovincial Mission “Mother Seraphina” Madagascar
  • 11 Marzo 2018: Foundation of the Mission in Ziguinchor (Senegal) 

Capitoli Generali