San Damiano


«s one day Francis implored God’s mercy more fervently, the Lord made it clear to him that he would soon reveal what he had to do. From that instant, he found himself so filled with joy, that he could not keep himself from revealing to people, even without wanting to, some glimpse of his secret…» (FF. 1410)


« few days passed. As he passed by the church of San Damiano, he was inspired to enter it. He went there and prayed fervently before the image of the Crucifix, who spoke to him with moving goodness: “Francis, do you not see that my church is falling down? Go then and restore it to me”. Trembling and astonished, the young man replied: “I will do it gladly, Lord”. But he had misunderstood: he thought it was about that church which, because of its antiquity, threatened imminent ruin. At these words of Christ he became immensely happy and radiant, he felt in his soul that it was really the Crucified One who had given him the message…» (FF.1411)


«mmediately after his conversion, while he was intent on repairing the Church of San Damiano… in a state of great joy, enlightened by the Holy Spirit… he climbed up to the wall of the church and cried out in a loud voice and in French to some poor people who were standing nearby: “Come and help me with this work on the monastery of San Damiano, because soon some ladies will be coming to live there, and by the fame and holiness of their lives, glory will be given to our heavenly Father throughout his holy Church». (FF.2826-2827)

San Damiano edicola


lare, a faithful disciple, the one who better than anyone was able to grasp and understand the heart of Francis, followed him and locked up in the monastery of San Damiano, with her sisters, she lived «that very high poverty» that Francis had bequeathed them, persevering until the end.».